Mommy and Me Maternity

Introducing our exclusive designer maternity shop's luxury product - the ultra-soft Mommy and Me Hospital Robe and Swaddle Set. Made from eco-friendly and breathable bamboo, this set is designed to bring comfort and confidence to your first days with your new baby. The soft, lightweight, and stretchy fabric will make you feel so relaxed and assured, while the unique floral prints add a stylish and cute touch. Our Mommy and Me set is perfect for creating photo memories and is machine washable with cold water and like colors. It's the perfect matching outfit for you and your baby that will help you be ready for your first visitors. Put it in your birth bag to be fully prepared for your hospital labor and delivery essentials.

Our Mommy and Me sustainable bamboo and spandex robes let moms and their new baby match in style and comfort. Adorned with charming florals, each robe comes with a matching swaddle and headband, perfect for capturing those sweet first photos.

The fabric is so soft and breathable so there is no need to worry about your baby or you getting overheated. There are 2 sizes, S/M and L/2X. A true maternity robe, there is a lot room for adjusting and the belt is sewn on.

Please note that headbands for newborns are not to be worn for long periods nor in the crib. Please see this article for more info on precautions for headbands for infants:
Maternity Matching Robe & Swaddle Set w. Headband Mint with Pink
Maternity Matching Robe & Swaddle Set w. Headband Blue and Red
  • One Size (S-M)
  • Plus Size L-2X)